VistaDB 6.4 Released

The minor version release VistaDB 6.4 is now available to download through the customer portal.  This release includes new features:

  • Explicit build target for net6.0 in NuGet packages to better support applications targeting .NET 6.0 as Microsoft has ended support for .NET 5.0.
  • New use of AES256 for encrypted VistaDB databases.  Encrypted databases will not be accessible through older versions of VistaDB once they are updated to the new encryption format, but the format for unencrypted databases remains compatible with previous 6.x versions.  See the 6.4 Release Notes for more about this change if you use (or plan to use) the database encryption feature.

This release also:

  • Fixes a bug in the use of the unary operators: minus (-) and bitwise-not (~); directly on column references.
  • Corrects the handling of VistaDBConnection.GetSchema("tables", ...) for some cases.  This could be a minor breaking change for some usage of this call.  See the 6.4 Release Notes for more details.
  • Improves the thread-safety of the IVistaDBDDA.OpenDatabase method and the IVistaDBDatabase.OpenTable methods, allowing them to be used more reliably on parallel threads.

See the 6.4 Release Notes for more details on these and a few other fixes in this release.

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