The VistaDB 6 engine library is not in the installation folders where the VistaDB 5 engine library had been.  Packages for VistaDB 6 do not appear in the package manager search list--even after searching for "VistaDB" or "VistaDB 6".


Packages for some free adapters for prior version VistaDB 5 (such as for Entity Framework) are available through, but the core VistaDB engine library must be licensed and cannot be available through made managing dependencies more difficult and prone to possible mistakes.  To simplify the inclusion of VistaDB and other related packages in your app, the NuGet packages for VistaDB 6--including the core engine library which the other packages depend on--are all included in the VistaDB 6 installation as a local package source.

Thus, to find the engine library and other VistaDB 6 packages you must have VistaDB 6 installed on the development machine, and you must select the local VistaDB 6 package source in the package manager.


  1. Be sure VistaDB 6 is installed on your development machine.  You should close all instances of Visual Studio before running the install so that VS-specific features can be installed.
  2. In Visual Studio 2015 or later, bring up the Package Manager (Tools => NuGet Package Manager => Manage NuGet Packages for Solution...).
  3. In the upper-right corner of the Package Manager is a drop-down for Package Source which may be on "" by default.  If "VistaDB 6" is not listed as a source option in the drop-down, you may need to re-install VistaDB 6.  Selecting "VistaDB 6" as the package source will be the quickest way to find the installed VistaDB 6 packages.  They will also be included if "All" is selected.
  4. If the package list on the left is empty you may need to switch to Browse in the upper left corner of the Package Manager.  If using "All" as the package source you can search for "VistaDB" to narrow down the list (use care as this will still also include the VistaDB 5 packages from, even if the search is for "VistaDB 6").
  5. The package for VistaDB.6 and/or the various adapters can then be installed into projects within the open solution.

Refer to the VistaDB documentation for full details on the NuGet Packages for VistaDB.