VistaDB 6.1 Available

The minor version release VistaDB 6.1 is now available to download through the customer portal.  This release adds new features:

  • Support for .NET 5--in addition to still supporting .NET Framework (4.7.1 and higher) and .NET Core applications and other environments that use .NET Standard.
  • Improved locks for Single Process use--making Single Process modes more fair under contention and less prone to timeouts.
  • New locks implementation for Multi Process use on non-Windows platforms such as MacOS and Linux.

Because of the fixes and improvements to both Single Process and Multi Process modes, customers using 6.0 with either of those open modes (or for non-Windows platforms) should consider upgrading to 6.1.

Because this release was delayed we have back-dated the effective license date to Dec 1, 2020.  Any customer with maintenance running into or beyond Dec, 2020 should be able to upgrade to 6.1.

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