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Installing / Upgrading to VistaDB 6

I'm getting an error when I try to upgrade. I also tried doing a fresh install and get an error. Please see the attached image.

Thanks for reporting this, we'll investigate and see what we can do to resolve the issue; this appears to be unique to using the in-app upgrade feature.

I found a work around. I apparently installed but for some reason threw that error. I just copied icon to the desktop and task bar. Thank you for your help.

Hi Ben - Sorry for the delay in noticing this; best to open a support ticket for an urgent problem like this.  

Can you verify that if you download the installation from our site ( ) that it works correctly on your machine?

I uninstalled all VistaDB versions, which were 5.8 and 6 beta. I reinstalled 5.8 and did an update. The update failed. I attached an image, but I am not sure how to see where exactly the update failed. 5.8 seems to still work, but it just won't update.

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