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No Visual Studio Integration

I'm trying to get started with VistaDB in Visual Studio 2017, but there appears to be no VS integration.

I'm following the VistaDB "Getting Started" Step 1 - "Want to do everything in Visual Studio".  It says to use the Server Explorer Pane and add a Data Connection, but when I do that I don't see VistaDB in the list of Data Sources.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing VistaDB without success.

Any ideas?

Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10 Enterprise 1903.

VistaDB version 5.7.4.

Hi John,

You need to manually install the VS add-in. The add-in installer is located here after the Vista DB installation:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Gibraltar Software\VistaDB 5\Bin\VistaDB.5.VisualStudio.NET461.vsix"


Thank you.

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