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Anyone using LLBLGen Pro?

I'm investigating VistaDB for a project.  I use LLBLGen Pro as my ORM of choice in all my other projects and was hoping to use it with VistaDB.  I've read that VistaDB is compatible with SQL Server / ADO.NET so I thought perhaps VistDB would work with LLBLGen Pro.  Has anyone tried using LLBGen Pro with VistaDB?



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Hi Arthur - we've periodically had discussions with Frans Bouma who develops LLBLGen Pro and it's a bit of a chicken and egg thing - he would need to see significant interest in VistaDB support to be worth certifying LLBLGen Pro with VistaDB and that isn't likely without, well, LLBLGen Pro support of VistaDB.

We're happy to lend technical support to any ORM vendor that wants to ensure a quality integration with VistaDB and stand ready to help the LLBLGen Pro team if they would like assistance. 

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