What's Coming in VistaDB 6

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What's Coming in VistaDB 6

Hi Kendall;

When can we expect VistaDB6?


We don't have a public date on that; we are presently working through the locking changes so we can release a beta with the new async API, multithreading, and locking.


we tried VistaDB5 a while ago but it was a bit to slow for our case. Now we have an other project for which we have to decide till mid April which db to use. Is it realistic that till than a alpha/beta release will be available?

Regards, Rainer

We're expecting a beta to be available within the next 2-3 weeks.  It'll have several but not all of the performance enhancements planned for 6.0.  I'd recommend opening a support ticket (support@vistadb.com) with your specifics so we can give you guidance on how to make it faster in general with VistaDB and if the changes for 6.0 are likely to improve those scenarios.

When can we finally expect the new version?
I already extended my subscription many months ago...


The short answer is "when it's ready"; we are pursuing some specific performance gains and don't want to ship until we've integrated and tested sufficient enhancements to the low level of VistaDB to meet them.  I can say that presently we're hoping for June but we are still working to land a major top-to-bottom internal restructuring and until that passes our tests (and demonstrates performance) we don't have a date.

That said, this is on us - we announced to folks that had active maintenance as of January of this year we were on a maintenance holiday:  We would keep to our commitment that any Upgrade Assurance purchased as of 1/1/2018 would entitle you to VistaDB 6.  Once VistaDB 6 ships we'll be going through our records and extending maintenance for everyone based on the time from their normal expiration after 1/1/2019 through to the ship date.  This is why we haven't been sending out renewal notices this year.  If someone does renew on the website we have records of that too and you'll get the same credit - so it'll be that much longer until you need to renew again.  

This holiday only applies to Upgrade Assurance - premium support subscriptions and the like add features you've been able to take advantage of the whole time.

The beta for v6 reads that it expired on 6/1/2019. Are there any plans for a new beta or an extension of the expiry? I cannot install the current v6 bits. Thanks.

We are planning a new beta at the end of the month and do have a hotfix build for folks that want to keep using the beta, folks just need to ask for it from support.

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Any news on the updated beta you mentioned back in mid-June? 

I'm using VistaDB. at the moment but I was wondering if there are any more speed improvements in the next Beta.

I think we're a few weeks off from a second beta, and we do expect it to have notable performance improvements.  We'll be posting a blog article soon.

We're still working towards the beta and the blog article - running a wider range of performance validations found a few regressions we need to fix.

Quick update on this we've fixed a few performance regressions but we're working through some issues with large extended columns (like varchar(MAX) and varbinary(MAX)) so we're looking at sometime in September for Beta 2.

We're finally within days of 6.0 Beta 2.  We are down to one regression issue to resolve and have given beta previews to a few users to verify key issues.  

We expect to go quickly from beta to release, so we're going to encourage folks to give the beta a try as soon as it comes out.

Beta 2 is now live - any existing customer can download it at the VistaDB Customer Site

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