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When is the next update scheduled? What changes or upgrades are in plans for next release?



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I'm appalled we missed this forum post from you Sunil!  

The answer to your question is unfortunately complicated.  Our primary focuses for 6.0 are:

1. A significant improvement in performance and scalability, particularly on mobile devices (via Xamarin) and other scenarios where only a single process is accessing the database.  We've been working hard on this for over a year now - exploring major changes to the lower level parts of VistaDB (We tackled optimizer changes in 5.0) to rev performance.

2. Support for some form of async requests to make UI code that calls databases simpler.

We've been mum about it because our internal goal is to get to a 40% reduction in time for several key benchmark queries we run.  We haven't gotten there yet so we've been trying alternate approaches to get there.  Once we have some clear winners we'll publish out a roadmap and what you can expect.  

It's been a year since the last update to VistaDB. 

Two months ago you emailed that "We're still committed to shipping 6 this year" and that those who purchased a renewal in the last 6-9 months should get it.

Is that still the case?


That's still our expectation.  We have made some solid progress on performance in the last two months and I expect to publish specifics on 6.0 in August.  

Great! That's good to know.

I apologize for us playing this so close to the vest - we're working at a low level in the engine and that often has unexpected results because VistaDB pushes the .NET framework hard in some interesting directions.  This often means that we can't rely on normal profilers or even normal tricks to make the system fast - in some parts of the engine the overhead of simple things like casts array position references turns out to be significant.  So, we have to do a lot of testing before we're comfortable committing to numbers and results.

Great news! I'll be great if you guys could work with DevExpress to make sure XPO supports V6 from day1.

Good point Alexandre - we have a contact on that team and will be sure to reach out to them.

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