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DDA Record Lock

Do you have to lock each record in DDA to write to it?

I do this in one app where I have to Change and Delete multiple records and at times I get error message on Lock

I do seek the record and lock the rowed before deleting or updating. I have had no issues one record but on multiple records in this app at times users will get an error


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I believe the use of the lock API in DDA is optional.  The engine will internally apply a lock as it writes to a row.  There may be cases when it is helpful to lock a row yourself--to coordinate with checking other rows/tables, perhaps--but it isn't required if you're just making a simple update or delete, in most cases.

However, due to the internal use of locking you might still encounter errors when the engine attempts to lock a row if other connections are also contending to modify the same row.  You may need to catch the error and execute a back-off-and-retry of the operation in some way (automatically, or let the user retry).

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