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Create DB with EF

how do you create the EF DB?

VistaDB doesn't directly support creating a database through Entity Framework.  Instead, we recommend you use one of these approaches:

1. Migrate an existing SQL Server database or other third party database to VistaDB using the Data Migration Wizard tool we ship to create a template database.

2. Use Data Builder to create a new database and define your schema to create the template database.

3. Use our Visual Studio extension (it's in the data explorer area of the server explorer) to define your schema and create the template database.

Then, deploy the blank template. database along with your application.

Alternately, you can do this all in code via either our DDA classes on the VistaDB Engine or via TSQL commands like you would with SQL Server.

Thanks for the quick answer.

proceed as you suggested.

thank you.


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