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Support for .NET Core?

Do you any plans to support your library running on .NET Core in the near future?

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We are planning on evaluating how feasible that will be to add support for once we ship support for Xamarin in our next release.  We do want to support it, the question is how much of ADO.NET we'll have to port ourselves to .NET Core to make it work.

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Thanks. There is the .NET Portability Analyzer that may also aid you in your decision.

I recommend two things:

1) bypassing ADO.Net and EF support for .Net Core version

2) licensing .Net Core version separately as a separate sub-product: VistaDB Core

People who need ADO.Net and EF typically need .Net FF support. They have a product. It's VistaDB.

People who just need a kick-ass embedded database engine that runs on .Net Core would buy VistaDB Core.  Currently there is NO embedded database solution with such simple deployment in the *exploding* .Net Core world.

The .Net world is rapidly changing. VS 2017 changes the game.  MS is even moving internal services over to .Net Core, such as the venerable Service Fabric which runs many of their Azure services.

Not having .Net Core support within a year will leave you out in the cold.

We tend to agree with your thoughts.  At the moment we're focused on VistaDB 6 which will update the core VistaDB source code to have a .NET 4.5 native version and from there will discern how we can make a portable version.

Either concurrently with VistaDB 6 or immediately after we'll be shipping a version of VistaDB with .NET Core / .NET Standard support.

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