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Can I use DDA on a SQL query?

I have an old Access application which I need to convert to .NET, and I'm currently evaluating VistaDB for this project.

The old app used the JET database engine.  It has a lot of code written for cursor-based data access, so VistaDB's DDA appeals to me as a way to simplify conversion.

However, the data is frequently from a SQL query, which joins two or more tables.  I've been able to make DDA work with a single table, but not with the result of a SQL query.  I can't find a documented example of doing the latter, so maybe it's impossible, but I haven't seen anything that explicitly says it's impossible.

So, possible or not?

I suspect what you're looking to do isn't supported by DDA.  DDA is designed for table-based cursoring access, optionally with a filter clause.  If you want to do joins and data shaping you should look at the ADO.NET side of things which has all of those capabilities.

I shall focus my attention on ADO.NET then.  Thank you for the fast reply!

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