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Request Sample Generated Class For Table Columns

 It would be a time saver feature if I could right click on the columns node under the tables node of VistaDB Data Builder and have an option to generate a sample Class for all columns in that table. If I right click the Columns node now all I see is "Add New Column" and "Refresh". I am suggesting to add another option in that list offering "Generate Sample Class". If selecting this then a user could get a simple Class which includes all columns in the table and corresponding data types. With this then I could copy and paste it into my code and adjust it as needed. Below is a sample:

Table Attributes
Table Name: Table1
Columns Type
------- ------------
Name VarChar 32
City VarChar 32
Population int 4

Sample class definition based on table definition
Class Table1
String Name;
String City;
int Population;

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