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VistaDB DataBuilder Table Grid Enhancements

The following are features I would like to see in the grid shown when viewing data for a table while using VistaDB DataBuilder:

1) Ability to select multiple rows of displayed data
2) Allow for multiple rows of selected data to be deleted
3) Allow for multiple rows of selected data to be copied into the clipboard with each column of data delimited by a tab (or user defined delimiter) so the rows can be pasted into a product like an Excel sheet
4) Allow for all rows in the grid to be selected by clicking the box in the upper left of the grid next to column heading 1
5) Allow for columns to be sorted by clicking on the column heading
6) Allow for one or more rows of data to be pasted into the grid from the clipboard where the data in the clipboard has columns separated by tabs (or user defined deleted) and each new row is separated by a line feed

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Agree that most of the above would be very useful.  Additionally be able to export from grid selections as listed above and right-click menu from grid itself for export and other related features

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