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DataBuilder - Generate SQL Script for stored procs & udfs


"Generate SQL Script" for entire database, including not only tables and indexes but also stored procs and functions

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Release 5.2 is now available with new and improved schema scripting capability.  The "Generate Schema Deployment Script" menu action now includes sprocs and functions as well as tables and views.

See our blog article about the 5.2 release.

Great, thanks!  A nice addition.  So "Generate Schema Deployment Script" and "Export Schema as Scripts" do the same thing, just that one puts it all in one file and the other puts it in separate folders?

Also, maybe a small bug...on the DataBuilder initial load...if you have not opened a database yet,  "Generate Schema Deployment Script" is grayed out but "Export Schema as Scripts" is not.  If you then click on "Export Schema as Scripts" it does nothing.


Hmm, yes it sounds like a bug for it to show as enabled when there is no database schema to export.  I think we just forgot to connect the enable/disable logic to the new menu item that was already there for the existing (renamed) one.

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