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Performance problems with Version

I have encountered some massive performance problems with the new release.

the query "select * from Tbl where PrimaryKey IN(1,2,3,4...)" is now up to 1000 times slower as with the previouse release

I need this kind of queries realy often in my project. With the older releases the speed was really OK. But now is unusable for me.

Did you Change something?

This is likely to be something very specific to your schema, but clearly it is something we want to address.  Please open a support ticket including a sample database and query.

This was a performance regression in 5.0.6.  We have a fix and are testing it now - we'll ship 5.0.7 with that fix once it clears testing.

Oh nice to here this, thanks a lot...

If you need it immediately, send an email to support and we'll send you the hotfix version (available now)

When do you expect release 5.0.7. I find it slower too. Did some tests with 5.0.5 and 5.0.6 and it is much slower now.


We're wrapping up the release notes now, I expect it'll be published before Monday.

Sounds good. Any other update in this release


Yes, we've found and fixed another defect related to queries and transactions.  We'll have more info in the release notes.

We've posted VistaDB 5.0.7 with a fix for this performance issue and the other issue that was identified in 5.0.  You can download them at:

VistaDB Latest Release

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