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SSD Drive

Client of mine is getting an error on after using the system for a while

ERROR Message: Not enough server storage available to process this command.

They just upgraded the system to a SSD drive on Win 7 and 16GB RAM.

Is there any issues with SSD drive and VistaDB?

Cant figure it out. System will be running fine and then all of a sudden get this message and they have to get out of the system and then it will work fine.

This same system works fine at other locations using SATA drives.



What version of VistaDB are they using?

Have they monitored the size of the database file to see if it is growing? (And also monitor the space available on that drive to see if it is being used up.)

If it is back to working after "exiting" it could possibly be a temp file growing insanely and then getting automatically deleted when the connection is closed.  They might check the user's Temp folder (C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp)--sorted by most-recently modified to the top, or possibly by size--and see if a temp file with a name like "tmp????.tmp" (where ? is a hexadecimal digit) is growing while using VistaDB (and if it specifically gets deleted when the VistaDB connection is closed).

There are issues with certain models of SSD drives not following expectations for file I/O such as "lying" about having flushed writes when they haven't or possibly getting reads and writes out of sequence.  But I don't know how such issues could specifically cause this symptom.  Of course, if the SSD drive has a smaller capacity than what had been used before then it could be that it previously had enough space to ride it out but now runs out.

I am using VistaDb released just before xmas.

This is first install on SSD drive for me. Has lots of space on the drive. All its has is Windows and Office plus my software.

You should Google this message. It occurs in various situations and may not be related to the SSD. Presumably alongside getting the SSD you reinstalled Windows.

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