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DataBuilder: Export to CSV

Most of the time if I need to export data, I need to export it as CSV instead of XML.

Could we get two CSV export options added to DataBuilder?

1) Menu --> File --> CSV export

2) Query Tab --> Export Query Results button

Option 1 could present a dialog with available tables and views to export.

Option 2 would export the current data grid from the Query tab.  This one would be really handy since copying and pasting the grid results to excel causes leading zero's to be dropped.

Also, the export dialog should allow to set delimiter, quote character, output path, etc.

I have code to do this with DDA, but it would be nicer if it were part of the official DataBuilder application.



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Sounds like a great idea.  We'll get this on the backlog for the next generation VistaDB DataBuilder.

Disappointed that this has not been implemented. The help file mentions some non existent blog post on how to export to SQL Server.

You're right; we've had this feature targeted for a future release where we are shipping an entirely rebuilt Data Builder (which would give us this for free) but lets not wait.  We'll add this to VistaDB 5.2.

Release 5.2 (version is now available with functionality to save query results to Excel or CSV format (right-click on the Query node of the tree).

See our blog article about the 5.2 release.

We're looking into adding similar export capability in the Data node view for tables.

Thank You !!

Thanks.  This is a nice feature.  Glad I read this since I would not have known to right-click on the Query node to access it.  A couple thoughts...right-click on the result list itself or Result1 tab heading to do the same?  (that's what I tried when looking for this feature). 

Several times I was looking for this feature in a table and tried to highlight only a few select records with CNTL- or SHIFT-click and then right-click to export to Excel, but of course none of these things work. Although similar functionality could be achieved right now by writing a query to get the records needed and then use the export to Excel feature you have just implemented.

We may add some additional capabilities such as exporting a grid selection down the road.

Since this Feature Request is now "implemented" you might post a separate request for the further extensions so they can be upvoted.  A grid-selection export and right-click menu from the grid itself both seem reasonable, so it's a matter of prioritization as to how soon we get to them.

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